What is Polyflow

The best tool to translate your Webflow site

Polyflow is a tool created exclusively for Webflow, with which you can scale your website internationally, manage text and image translations, urls, display customised content based on the user's location and much more.

Whether you are building a new web or already have millions of visitors, you can use Polyflow to:

  • Generate language versions of your content using folders and not subdomains.

  • Translate your site into multiple languages without duplicating pages.

  • Add an unlimited number of languages to your Webflow in a simple way.

  • Customize or hide content to your users based on their language.

  • Internationalise your site on Webflow while respecting all the SEO standards.

Getting started resources

With Polyflow, you can keep track of all your translations in one place. Nor only the single source of truth for your content, we make sure that to do it in an SEO friendly way, ensuring that the performance of your site is always optimised.

Here are a few ways to get started:

  • Adding translation to an existing project? Jump right in with our Quickstart Guide.

  • Already have an translation app with translations? The mMgration Guide is useful if your moving your's existing translations to Polyflow.

How it works?

  1. Create your account in Polyflow.

  2. Install our browser extension in your Chrome browser.

  3. Send your Webflow project to Polyflow.

  4. Create alternatives for your website pages, translate text, images, customize urls and much more!

  5. Set up your custom domain, and publish the project!

Visit our pricing page to find out more about the plan that suits your needs!

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