How to show different contents depending on the language version?

The "polyflow-only" attribute allows you to show or hide content depending on the language version, so you can customize content for your different audiences.

To show content only in one language, you just need to add the attribute "polyflow-only" to the section and indicate as value the ISO code of the language in which you want to show it, as you can see in the following video:

ISO is a standardized nomenclature used to classify languages, each language is assigned a two or three-letter lowercase abbreviation.

Check out here for a list of ISO codes as you will need to use them to create your language versions:

So for example, if we only want to show a block of content for the English version, we will add "polyflow-only = en" to that block in the custom attributes and publish our project on Webflow.

In the production version we will see that this content is only shown in English and does not appear in the other languages of our website.

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