Send your project to Polyflow

Once you have created your Polyflow account and installed our extension, you will need to open your Webflow project and make sure that:

  1. You have set your site’s language code in Webflow. To do this you have to go to General Settings > Localization and include the ISO code of the default language in the 'Language code' field. You can find the Webflow guide here:

  2. Your project is published so that it can be send to Polyflow.

You then have to open your Webflow project in designer mode, click on the Polyflow tab in the Webflow sidebar menu, log in to your Polyflow account and send your project by clicking on the button that appears in the Polyflow tab dialogue ("Sync now" button).

The process can take a few minutes, just wait for the synchronisation to finish and you will be able to manage your entire project from Polyflow!

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