Polyflow first use

How to start translating your site in the easiest way possible

Remember that to start working with Polyflow, you need to have created an account and have our extension installed.

1. Open your Webflow project

Select the project you want to translate in your Webflow Dashboard

2. Publish your project

The first step is to publish your project in Webflow, so we can get all the HTML elements.

3. Sync with Polyflow

Bring your impressive webflow project to polyflow by synchronizing pages, symbols and CMS collections.

4. Translate in Polyflow

Create versions from the languages you need to add, and translate your Webflow project pages.

5. Publish in Polyflow

Once you have added all the translations you can publish, both on the main domain and on the staging domain which is used to preview how your website looks like.

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