Language selector as buttons or links

To add a language selector as buttons or links, you must to select the "disabled" option in the language selector in the Polyflow app, then, you must create each button or link and add the following custom attribute to it: "polyflow-link" = "[LANG ISO CODE]"

ISO is a standardized nomenclature used to classify languages, each language is assigned a two or three-letter lowercase abbreviation.

Check out here for a list of ISO codes as you will need to use them to create your language versions:

For example, if you want to link the English version you must add the following custom attribute to the link element: "polyflow-link" = "en" Also, if you want to hide that button in the corresponding language, you will have to add a custom Polyflow attribute, "polyflow-only" = [ISO CODE], to show the button only in the correct language version.

Find here more information about our attributes, to show or hide content depending on language version.

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